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lirik lagu ynkeumalice – fog!


verse 1:
i try to go about my
day but everything’s a blur
can’t seem to focus
my thoughts are just a whirr
i try to reach out, to
grasp what’s there
but it’s like trying to
catch smoke in the air
lost in the mist
can’t find my way
my thoughts are cloudy
like a foggy day
i can’t see straight
everything’s a blur
my mind is trapped
can’t seem to occur
i’m trapped in my head
can’t seem to break free
the fog has taken over
and it’s consuming me
trying to focus
but it’s hard to obtain
the fog in my mind
is causing strain
can’t make decisions
it’s hard to choose
the haze in my mind
is giving me the blues
foggy vision, can’t see clear
this state of mind, , it’s a haze it’s a
blur can’t see through the fog can’t see
clear i’m blinded by the fog how i’m
lost in the fog lost in the fog
can’t see the path ahead
perplexing craze
my mind is foggy, i can’t see straight
the world around me is a daze
i try to focus but it’s all a haze
lost in this foggy, confusing maze
can’t see through this foggy mind
everything’s a blur, all intertwined
lost in this daze, feeling confined
trying to break free and find

i’ll push through this haze, and
come out the other side
my vision will clear, and my
mind will no longer hide



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