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lirik lagu romes – we need some help


we all need a little hug
‘cause we’re all a little f~cked
sweeping sh~t under the rug
mixing up the drugs ’til we’re buzzed then we’re numb
‘cause we’re too afraid to feel like us

tell ourselves we’re fine
that we’re living life
when we’re just tryna survive
but we’re alright
if we keep smiling
even though we’re dead inside

we’rе staring at the ceiling
don’t wanna beliеve that we need some help
drowning in the deep end
chilling with my demons
who am i? i can’t tell
talking like we’re fine
lost our f~cking minds
i thought it was just me
but maybe we all need just a little help

well, i’m hanging by a thread
so i guess that means i’m living on the edge
you could never walk a day in my head
did you hear what i said?
i’m happy, i’m happy, i’m happy on the medication, no moderation
d~mn, my life need a little renovation
should’ve gone to hollywood with all this fake sh~t
nah i’m perfect, i’m amazing
hey, i don’t need no introduction
i’m the one who’s always messing up the function
but i can function
so what’s the problem?
kicked in the t~~th once again
‘cause life’s such a mosh pit
better be cautious
is what they told me but i told them i got this
spent all my savings trying to change, but that couldn’t save me
f~ck it, i’m amazing

i just wanna shout…
i’m freaking out…
i don’t need your help…

maybe we all need some motherf~ckin help

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