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lirik lagu vyva melinkolya – stars don’t fall


the stars
they’re not enough
not enough
i want them to fall
maybe i’d be happy
i need it to be happy
after all

bright colors
wear them for you
bright colors
and the dress you want
wasting every wish on you
and dye my dresses black to blue
i wish you knew my flesh
then we’d be so happy
i’d make you f~cking happy
after all

stars don’t fall
no they don’t
not at all
after all

i had sleep paralysis or like a lucid nightmare that i was like in my backyard, and i was like on my knees underneath my swing, and there was like these huge palms, and the sky was like orange. like there was war happening. (laughs) and it was like it looked like it was supposed to like my childhood dog, but it definitely wasn’t and it was so close to my f~cking face it literally was like looking into my soul, and its eyes were so big. and i remember having this nauseating feeling and this nausea. and also the sound of cicadas. it was a rapidly pulsating cicada sound like a heartbeat. (yeah). but it was cicadas, and it just went on and on and on and on, and it got like really loud ’til it’s all i could hear, and i woke up. (jesus christ)

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