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lirik lagu a slight threat – plastic robo band


let’s say you’re bored yet again
and real music just doesn’t shake your hand
well, good news! cus we can artificially jam
cus we’re the plastic robo band

you can ask to have a song (anytime)
and we’ll generate a tune designed for you
it’s alright because we’re brand new
cause we’ll be soullessly singing to you

now we may seem bland, and at times, bad
and we may try to take away your band
but don’t worry! there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of stealing
if a little bit’s a hundred percеnt (without consent)

you can trust us with your data
your name, your face, and your datе of birth
give us your art, or we’ll take it by force
cus we’re the plastic robo band (it’ll get outta hand)
yes, we’re the plastic robo band

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