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lirik lagu portrait – bloodbath


oh, the earth is quaking. reborn through oblivion in fire we stand. the last drops of lethe, vaporized with the core of illusions…for all time! and we bath in the archon’s sweet blood
through the endless great waters without fear we’ve striven. found our way through your tunnels of creation ridden. and the highest of mountains we’ve climbed for the last time, to devour and conquer again what is ours…the highest throne!
shadows are falling all over bright lands, drenched in blood. heaven is calling now hear ye not, children of god? kingdom of pity behold our lord’s hand, hail satan! the bloodbath of ages awaits you now, children of god
oh, the ground is shaking. lifetime of wrath have now taken their toll. and within our reach is the end of the world as you think to know it