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lirik lagu sometimes the cat – wednesday


[verse 1]
and i’m sorry that
i haven’t had time for you lately
i’ve been taking some time to figure out
where all of this leaves me

[chorus 1]
’cause i’m actualising my hopes and wants
i’ll be moving away from these old haunts
and i’m loving the way you’ll love the way i’m gone
when i’m gone

[verse 2]
you say you love me, what am i supposed to say?
’cause i didn’t ask you, anyway
and i don’t mean to ruin your wednesday
but i kind of just don’t care

[chorus 2]
’cause i’m mixing things up, do things i wouldn’t usually do
and trying to prove to myself that i don’t need you
and babe, so far it’s working, but it’s leaving me scared
what do i do if i don’t need you?

sell my stuff over the internet and get the rest packed up
(ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh)
take a train to anywhere else and see just what they’ve got
(ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh)
how many lives do you get to live if you just give that a chance?
(ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh)
is anyone ever gonna let me go without pomp and circ-mstance?
(ooh, ah-ooh)

[chorus 3]
’cause it’s messing me up, and i don’t know how to take it
skip through the song and dance, i can’t fake it
i gave those lessons a try
but you know i got like three left feet