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lirik lagu jarren benton – zack morris (


ladies and f-cking gentlemen
what you are now f-cking listening to is my n-gga jarren benton
and he doin this sh-t for djbooth dot motherf-cking net n-gga
i’m so f-ckin thugged out i eat thug cereal in the morning time motherf-cker
aye jarren let these n-ggas know

[verse 1]
yeah yeah yo
hey yo new school loose screw n-gga that’s jay
808s and heartbreaks n-gga thats yay
808s and cadillacs n-gga that’s jay
grown -ss men in tight pants n-gga that’s g-y, ew
i ain’t ready to die
i put the stress aside
and k!ll you c-cksuckin roaches like pesticides
yup, they say hurray for the bad guy
i’m up at noodles eatin [?] and pad thai
i stay mad fly, i let my brains fry
scrambled egg b-tch n-gga this is suicide
exclusive, jarren is a nuisance
cheap motherf-cker hoes say “you so jewish”
you don’t suck d-ck well b-tch you so useless
high school dropout sh-t i’m so stupid
computer chip, new world order flow
buddy got the strength to lift up a whole buffalo
gigolo, iller deuce bigalow
kick back on sat-rday to crack a cold michelob
yeah, bada boom bada bang
vehicular homicide i’m in my own lane
i do my own thing while you chumps make it rain
i with your old dame she giving me slow brain
ya boy is cocaine, crack rock flow
here on djbooth just to let you n-ggas know

holy f-ckin sh-t
did you just hear my f-ckin nephew n-gga
that was jarren f-ckin benton n-gga
aye autotune me while i’m talkin n-gga
autotune me n-gga

[verse 2]
i’m on djbooth dot net cop that
i cut my d-ck off and glue that sh-t right back
mic check n-gga cut the right check
i’m a motherf-ckin problem they don’t like that
i feel like no one’s home in my head
my money’s lookin funny something’s wrong with my bread
but in the meanwhile i just kick a freestyle
spit some sh-t out of my mouth like dude from green mile
f-ckin weirdo, and entrepre-n-ggro
you ain’t feelin this sh-t i’ll bite off your earlobe
this year i’m just tryna stay alive
to see transformers 2 that’s more that’s meets the eye
konichiwa b-tches, black and white b-tches
jarren ain’t right who turned off his light switches
tube socks, too hot, do rocks
i dig up hip-hop, biggie or 2pac
wake up with two glocks, one arm and two c-cks
soulja boy, yuuuuuu, stuck on my jukebox
so when i blow my brains out the back of my head
hear it live on djbooth dot net