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lirik lagu parodocity – the real me


alright, so this has been a very emotionally charged, angry album, ep, whatever the f~ck you wanna call it
let’s break it down, this is the real me

they call me bill
they call me bill
my lifes been a thrill but kinda sh~t
no one likes me, no one thinks i’m cool
so i’m about to tell you to go to h~ll, you fool!

f~ck you for not being my friend
f~ck you, this song will be your end
f~ck you, everyone who doubted me, everyone who thought i couldn’t be anything
i’m a real good rapper! i’m a real good rapper!
i’m a real good rapper… aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuaaaaari’m bill

f~ck you mom, f~ck you dad
f~ck you mom, f~ck you dad
i’m feeling lightheaded today, oh god i’m gonna faint
aaurrraaaaaaaaaaaaagoooohhh f~ck
i hope [?] by a truck

oh, oh my god, this is the song you’ve been waiting for
pew pew, don demarco! my favorite show on netflix is narcos
oh god…

everybody thought that i would be a f~cking f~ggot
but i’m not, i’m a f~cking real awesome guy
and if you don’t think i’m awesome, go to f~cking h~ll!!!
subscribe to parodocity, motha f~cka!

everybody can eat my d~ck
everybody can eat my f~cking d~ck
everybody can swallow my d~ck
everybody can f~cking [inaudible]
woo, d’hauargh, woo~hoo! wahoo!
my neighbors probably think i’m annoying
but i don’t care because i’m the best, i’m the rap battle king!
i’m thе rap battle king
i’m the rap battle king, mothеr f~cker