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lirik lagu louis culture – nitm


not my best self but it’s pending
hence all the venting
hence the retail therapy
the enemy is spending
feelings of resentment
staring out the uber
and i’m breathing with the engine
city keeps on moving
repetition , never ending

maybe a massage
will put a parting in the tension
maybe all these bars
will make everything expensivе

see my day to day is full of all these questions
way bеfore the pcr
i found this life testing
positives and negatives
were something i accepted
but i been on a high
that the devil wants to mess with
and n~ggas wish i’d fall off
but they’ll never get this

came too far for a second place
came too far just to settle
i want medals
see sh~t i do is credible
i made my point like decimals

if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood (if i’m)
if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood

going off on tangents
that’s how you react when
you can’t summarise life
in this time so much happened
old tings,coming back around
“hey how are you?”
big money out the blue
handle what you have to do
gotta watch your attitude
still losing my temper
motivated by the pressure
and the window view in malibu
yeah yeah

one extreme to another
what i seen in the summer
black seats bun a brother
skeet skeet not your lover
please seek you another oneeee
(seek you another one)

sounds cold hearted
that’s not how it started

i just gotta do this to protect
don’t harm him
i even feel some way about rest
it’s alarming

city lifestyle
like i’m working in the docks
doing dlr journeys
where the money never stops

try to not be bout the capital
but why the f~ck not

if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood (if i’m)
if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood
if i’m in the mood
(dexter & louis)
stars align each day
through the skies i pray
when i feel to complain
when things don’t go my way
they never go my way