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lirik lagu katori walker – eyes in the back of my head


i wish i had eyes in the back of my head
i been working on my pride but the rest of me cares
every time i feel alive, it be love in the air
you’re my center, don’t fold like it’s vanity fair
every time that i get down then i’ll be running to you
it’s ironic that i’m scared but i’m calling you boo
please don’t ghost me
love me, hug me, hold me
see me, grow me
i see whole thing bragging, boasting
to all of my n~ggas
working on my pride i been working on my pride, yeah
i been really scared but at least a n~gga trying, yeah
never bite my tongue when it’s something on my mind, yeah
baby you a gem, i’ll never leave you undermined, yeah
pray it’s just a phase and we get it back aligned, yeah

pray you stay around me forever and never leave me
we’ll go together forever, i know you need me
it ain’t hard to love you, i promise that sh~t is easy
i can see the future so vivid, i think it’s 3d
stay the night forever and ever, i think i’m needy
being my reflection, my mirror, i know you see me

see me
need me
hug me
love me
trust me
love me
love me