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lirik lagu cyhi the prynce – i’m ready to go


[verse 1: cyhi]
a hater called my phone then i heard him mention gun play
i was like for what? he said you was in my b-tch’s hyundai”
when? “last monday,” what’s her name? “shantae”
man that sh-t beyond g-y, let her do that elton john date
so i’m with the shotgun any given sunday
rolling up some bombay, while my n-gga john play
a legend in this rap sh-t, people call me andre
they compare me to that dude married to beyonce
so i was with my goons on a lunch break
i told them ’bout my phone call, he said “where the punk stay?”
i don’t give a f-ck prynce i’ll ride down a one-way
to a dead end hop out then let the gun spray
ak-47 make they go to heaven
i’ll leave him in the church while he lay below the reverend
i called my lil n-ggas and they riding too
so if you want that p-ssy then prynce all you got to do is…

[hook x2]
give me the green light
i’m strapped with this 4-5
i’m ready to go right now
i’m ready to go right now