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lirik lagu neako – livin’ under the sun


trying to get my lighter to work and sh-t
skeme yeah yeah
neako sounding in
and uhmmmm

[hook: neako]
living under the sun
b-tches breaking their neck because they already know where to go
them n-ggas hatin cuz we doin good
out in hollywood, but you know im highly hood
ooh now let me roll one for my n-ggas
only the finest sh-t you know what i smoke
ooh now let me roll one for my b-tches
baby say go, give me the word and we ghosts
and we ghosts, and we ghosts yeah yeah, and we ghosts
and we ghosts, and we ghosts yeah yeah, and we ghosts

[verse 1: skeme]
another trill workin the wheel, a gee not a flee
game sold, never told, ain’t a d-mn thing free
inglewood n-gga from my hair to my feet
rep the real until the end, if you the same we need to meet
so im pouring up your wifey ho and her just cuz she know whats up
blowing up so now they blowing us, neako say roll ’em up
double cup that ain’t no robitussin i feel like whats the rush
this that sox and lvl ain’t nothing over us
so pour up or roll up, pick your poison
neako roll that loud, i guess them papers bring the noise
and my euro b-tch imported, you n-ggas so unimportant
if getting money is the mission then mission never aborted, crooked


[verse 2: neako]
we ghosts
and uhmmmm)
highly medicated, come and toast im rolling up
i know you n-ggas hate it, chevy bending corners
i drive fast with no patience, my lady high maintenance
bad as f-ck with a big old b-tt her loving drives me crazy and
lately ive been thinkin, countin money just dreaming
high as f-ck, s y r up cups got me beaming
sox lvl you know well that im a baller b-tch
whole lot of money to get and you know i need all of it
them other n-ggas call it quits, the world’s turning
get sl!ck and i’ll f-ck your b-tch, my joint’s burning
and im bossed up, a lot of nights its what it costed us
i remain the same when its all done