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lirik lagu noah23 – godhead omlet


[verse 1]
its the godhead omelet, novelty timewave comet
symbiotic mindspray, nightshade on it
memphis and mizraim megajoule magnolia
thanatos urugu, angola prison rodeo
cobalt oxide cadmium umber
vamos a fumar mantequilla (smoke b-tter?)
your freestyles are set up fake like pearl harbor
and your lines are contrived like trying for girls numbers
discernment, down the hatch, bottoms up the thorax
the roof of my mouth is a tibetan nomad
the forecast is teargas and omnipresent
most raps i hear cats utter are defective
gag reflex with bad sequence and wack pretense
the lap of luxury lacks defense from the rap zenith
pinnacle pineal gland excretions
bringing heat like cayenne and ya’ll need some fire extinguishers
i was sent forth from lake saint john
to break it down to the break of dawn, break north this is the yukon
quagmire chariots of fire never retire
bury the liar hostile environment style

[verse 2]
west nile diesel mosquito feed on vehicles
sacrament and ritual, viper centipede blizzard, kiss of the black widow
window of opportunity looting the facility
all eye seeing retina, a pile of kine indica
i’m bettin i ouroboro kids and leavin em seeking the carrot
the gold of the globe only the meek shall inherit
i was told to speak only on a special occasion
by a hushed voice in a distant relatives bas-m-nt
talking can destroy the fundamental basics of communication
i’m not paranoid, i’m just explaining and restating what i’ve heard
don’t say another word, you heard it here first
just tell em the twenty third murdered the verse
hovering water dehydration mirage never acquired
something like an infinite quest of unfulfilled desire
the student k!lls the teacher, why is it cliche is admirable?
memes rather, watching tv in the hereafter
no fear factor, put the pattern on the positive events
if my foot shattered or if i lost my leg
like my grandpa brickley, i would definot-ately
stop or think of quitting til i got finished

stay awake…