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lirik lagu myles cameron – chasing our tails


[verse 1]
feel the weight of your eyes
notice the freckle in your right one
like i’ve done a hundred times
still feel it in my chest though

and i knew it before i
put it into words
but now i’m in it
now i feel it girl

and it’s a warm breeze
a shimmering secret that i keep
in my pocket all day
wait for you to call me

oh what a strange thing
sharing everything for once
(for once)

i chose
to love you today
i don’t know
if you’ll do the same
up to you
but either way
i do
i love you

[verse 2]
dancing in the kitchen
doing all the dishes
riding citi bikes
sh~tty~movie nights

feeling likе we did as kids
far away from all of this
and chasing our tails



freefall that i’m living in
no cars i been feeling likе
who’s driving?
yeah i’m trying
loose ends i’ve been dealing with
close friends feeling limited
i’m trying
i’m trying

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