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lirik lagu lament christ – this unbearable pain


here i am, somehow alive
in this world full of sh~t and lies
with no hope, no dreams, no fate
where all signs of life ends…
scars are my attire turned into grief…
under rain and falling skies
and absolute dark
purest is this suffering…
autumn is the sorrow
the curse of mine
let me dream of you once…
heaven sent, bleeding you are
but once you left
my world is an endless ocean of sank dreams
heaven sent, bleeding you arе but once you left…
when last hopе is ruined
this life is an endless twilight
where everything ends
but i still see the sadness in your eyes
tenderly they melt, the gaze of fatal loneliness…
when the last hope falls will you ever be with me?
crying out to the sky asking why
i may never find a reason
i caught in a lie of better days
about to fall into an endless abyss of desolation…
that everything devours, that everything withers…
why the wounds
still bleed why?
time heals nothing, why?
all we do is survive
i am undone why?
this never lets up… why?

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