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lirik lagu planet asia – dogon outro


back at it, look
off a bag of kush
haters is mad as f~ck
i’m not your average crook
i came to back it up
you can get your cabbage took
and your carats [?]
black belt is the book
the undone law, feel me?
my craft designin’ is film technique, [?]
fly n~gga, five element ninja
turf disciple, real n~gga redeemer
lebanon, medina demeanor, black egypt
i done tapped into the secrets, save the speeches
my name i engrave through the speakers
for the [?]
peep the maximus, [?]
my two arts advance chance with it
dirt diggs puttin’ the stamp on it
hurtin’ kids is curtains b~tch
the verses i kick is merciless
direct cells from the first to fifth
[?] sh~t
could it get any worse than this?
thirst to quench, purchase a kid
see what the purpose is
burnin’ a cross is what the serpents did
but now the god is here to show you whose earth it is
black belt theatre
black belt theatre [repeated while fading]

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