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lirik lagu rex spit – wtf is you on


f~ck my d~ck just snapped
carry all this weight cause all these b~tches mad
cause they can’t deny all they do is despite me
so fed up, i don’t how i can do this anymore
no no no. no f~cking feelings like i serve a drugstore
all these b~tches mad yea yea yea yea yea
all i do is snap snap snap snap snap yea
speaking on me watch out what you yap cause you ain’t ready i come heavy
what the f~ck do i have to act a nut for you to get it
all she wanna do is s~x me i’m like nah i’ll rather choke
cause all i know all i know all i know is to get f~cked
get so f~cked up in my room i get so high just to show it show it show it show it

if you ain’t nod off what the f~ck is you on
thats how i get on where the drugs at
i don’t wanna get up where the f~ck are we moving
the type of sh~t to make me pray for christ aye

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