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lirik lagu mike stud – life now


i’m the rock like dwayne
f-ck a genre i might switch to rock like i’m wayne
or maybe country if sam gimme the cosign
but either way i’m hunting, either way i run it
like we post it on the goal line
i’ll be there in no time, new rollie, old grind
no hill i won’t climb, my standards so high
ain’t no way i don’t fly, even if the wheels fall off
imma land it like that post flight
look at my life
feel like i’m treating this sh-t like a hike
i’m on the rise
look how i came up with all of my guys
look at my wife
look at that kitchen, look at that chef
looking my best, living like chess
i’ll take you’re b-tch and a check… mate

this is life now
this is life now
this is mike
this is mike now

it’s ironic that i’m tired of being slept on
they say “me lovey” but they love me like a step son
i see through all the bullsh-t they on
i see through all em
cause it’s hard to stick around when you can’t escape your brain
a fake smile may fool the crowd, but it’ll never ease the pain
i gotta dash like the minus sign, whenever the time is right
my touch is the midas kind
so every night i find a dime and climb inside
but a dime is a dime a dozen
and i always lose change, sharp dressed, bruce wayne
same guy, new name, it’s just mike now
off top cause when you seeing what i’m seeing every night
you ain’t gotta right it down, it’s just life now

this is life now
this is life now
it’s just mike
it’s just mike now

send it as fast as i can
then i go up the second i land
i was eating some sushi in france
that sh-t taste like it came from j-pan
that’s all it is i’m just saying
she tryna f-ck in the sand
ok that’s cool cause i needed a tan
ok i’ll take it as far as i can
now look where i’m at like d-mn
phone jumping who is it
new number, new come up, new business
you critics like crickets, oh i
been drinking like i got kidneys in stock
like 2 or 3 of them hoes on rocks