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lirik lagu lionize – dying is ez


you do everything the right way, and it don’t work out
trying to make up for the dark things, but there is no doubt
i’m not gonna be some hero, who reinvents the wheel
i’m through with pushing my bad luck
let’s make a deal (let’s make a deal)

i’ll give you blood, more than enough
you k!ll the noise, and it keeps turning up
dying is ez, when evil’s all you’re living for
so much for the dinosaurs, i’m ready for the meteor
dying is ez (x3)
i’m ready (x2)

you’ve tried everything they sold you, and it don’t pan out
you investigate each angle, turn it inside out
i’m not gonna be some dreamer, with diamonds on their heads
i’d rather live forever inside mine instead
i’ll break the seal (i’ll break the seal)


let me know (x2) if you’re ready to go
front row cretaceous media show
everyone i know is dying to go

sit back, enjoy the show