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lirik lagu ayceeonethirty – follow me



can’t get out of my head
i hear these voices and they tell me that i’m already dead
so i’m just wobblin through, i see these ominous clues
and it’s got me frantically searchin my jammie pockets for booze
but there’s not alot to lose now, can’t believe the news now
homies think i’m illuminati misreading my moves now (yeah)
been on my sh-t and now your baby mama’s wet and bothered
never let your nuts hang, junior need a step father
sh-t, i ain’t tryin to be all up on her like robbie lawler
fallout bout to drop i ain’t gon have the time to call her (unh)


p-ssin the gas to the homie trap
i get wasted and ramble rap so the ruckus often on accident
think i pray to baphomet just to fill up the cabinets
back when i started walkin this path i could not imagine this
dad was a missin addict i followed in line behind him
how the f-ck i’ma judge him if i’ma keep on livin like him?
i ain’t plannin on changin, they’ll probably k!ll me but f-ck it
i hope they do the sh-t on tv give it free to the public
you know they’ll love it, but they always got room for seconds
those that understood it got the message, and bought protection
that’s some real, don’t even know where i’m going these days honestly
only my shadows talk when i’m solo they whisper “follow me”
i keep scrawling, des say he know i’m on next
trying to talk to charlamagne, get the bands like ozzfest
i’m just tryin to burn with flacko joyde out in budapest
but when they see the heart in me they’ll probably pull it through my chest (yeah)