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lirik lagu mario william vitale – transition to a position


the full moon i greet
and then complete
a transition to a position
that runs on four feet

i’ll attack with such speed
fight back, you’ve no need
lying there, dying there
every part of you bleeds

and then – so sweet
to eat raw meat
mad cow? – somehow
my system defeats

dietary blunders?
cholesterol numbers?
i’m unaware of such cares
as i rip you asunder

feel that cool fall air?
love this full head of hair!
i was loathing my clothing
must’ve left it somewhere

fingernails? get real!
these claws are like steel
just stick’em in my victim
and watch as they squeal

my teeth – knife blades
you’ve no way to evade
one last breath before death
feel your life, as it fades

three nights, such delight
‘neath a moon shining bright
i scorned human form
it returns with a fight

and when i now wake
i’ve such longing, an ache
not arthritis or bursitis
but this life i must fake

such freedom was mine!
now i’m trapped by deadlines
rush to the bus
d-mn receding hairline

a working wage guy
feeling caged by this lie
hunched, grotesque at my desk
til that moon’s again high

a month of torment
in this form i resent
but don’t bully or berate me
cause i’ve got your scent!