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lirik lagu j-bizz – #bbwb (black boy, white boy)


blessed up & i’m feeling stronger…working longer gotta hustle smarter
black boy, white boy no travis porter been going harder
better call your sargent…cuz a nigga like me came to slaughter
i’m a rich dads worst nightmare better keep me away from your daughter
got her sipping that hennessy, and she rolling up my weed
no she ain’t no friend to me
only thing in common i been between
one say she love me…the other wanna have my baby
i know a chick from a-z & got every other game you can’t play me
she don’t understand, i don’t comprehend…she speaking foreign like come again
you breaking up don’t hear a thing maybe later i’ll try again
rock star lifestyle…i’m a do this shit till my life ends
how could i be a racist when i made this for my white friends
black kid, white life, most of all bros white
but don’t get caught in this color thing, long as you keep soul right
i know right, won’t fold right even in these last days
ain’t gonna lie, i can’t deny i been white washed since the first grade
started plotting during 2nd & 3rd got straight a’s since 4th grade
but its okay cuz my wordplay came as a gift bout 5th grade
ever since then…its all grind now women give head niggas high 5
only plan is to get rich, & create a legacy before i die….punch
we just getting paid…staying out the way…
i’m from 438 south main
attleboro m-ss, way in the past
i was only black kid in the fucking cl-ss
i started acting up…turned to a bad -ss
all because i never really knew my real dad
gotta love em tho…i came from his seed
but being black & a man he couldn’t show me
s/o to my step dad & og’s
they went & showed me the ropes i built a rope swing
my nigga heads up, better duck for cover
cuz i’m way above you hating, faking, fuck niggas
go & readjust yo clock know that times up
we boarding bizzcl-ss my nigga rize up
go & readjust yo clock know that times up
we up in bizzcl-ss my nigga rize up