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lirik lagu shaabiggaa – brokenhearted



laying in my bed cuddling my pillows
feeling so hurt sitting in a bunch of sorrow
than my phone rung off
so i looked at the screen
ya name popped up
and my heart begin to beep
so i picked up just to see what you was talking
confused on how you happy and i’m still hurting
now we ain’t couple but i still love you
deep down in me boy i still want you
but the feeling not mutual
i can tell by your voice
you the real reason why
i really hate these boys
you tell me how you want me
i tell you how i need you
then you start chatting
so i tell you how i hear you
but the things that you did wasn’t
something i was use to
so i played my role and i stayed by ya side
you rather break my heart
than be my ride or die
you quick to violate a girl
who held you down no matter what
i gave you everything i had
but you ain’t give a..
now i’m stuck in between is it
real or worth giving up
had my head down for a minute
but i’m picking my head up
i’m glad you left me stranded
to be with your side chick
don’t forget who was there
when you ain’t even have it
since you moving funny now
imma leave you alone
cause that’s what you want
due to the action shown
but like i made you i can make me an other
when you see my new nigga you gon’ think
he yo brother
and that’s where i should’ve stepped in
left your boys at the register but let you check in
now i feel dumb for everything that i did
and i kinda feel stupid for the words that i said
you took my kindness for a weakness
nigga screw you
i’m not shedding no tears
leaving me is best for you
ever felt like a nigga didn’t love you
ever felt like he ain’t really want you
ever felt like he really ain’t really care
ever felt like losing him wasn’t fair
i tell you no lie
don’t even cry
cause if he was for you he would be by your side
these niggas is for you me and everybody else
these niggas ain’t worried bout nobody but they selves
i tell my friends all the time that we got each others
and we got some bros that act like as our brothers
so if you and him don’t work
don’t be hurt
leave him in the dust treat that nigga like dirt
rule number one
don’t say i love you first
rule number two
don’t let him hit you if it hurt
rule number three
don’t be too sweet
rule number four
let that boy beat his feet
rule number five
you better not cry
rule number six
get your heart fixed
rule number seven
find a new gammie
rule number eight
its never to late cause
rule number nine
girl you gon’ be fine and
rule number ten
you gon’ find a new man
thanks to me that’s the chyanne way
better follow these rules so you don’t get played