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lirik lagu landon pennington – leveled up


oh no, here he goes

talking about all his flows

yeah y’all bout to know

what i’m like when i’m in the zone

oh bro. this is weird. he’s not talking bout his lows

oh yeah this is the real me. the real landon is exposed

all of the depressed beats yeah we ain’t using those

get rid off the bad vibes and take off those baggy clothes

yeah let’s start fresh, change it up a bit, you know?

yeah i’m fine with that, but i don’t mess with old town road (ho)

yeah i ain’t travis scott but i’m in sicko mode

roll out the red carpet, time for me to claim the throne

if i ain’t number one, then i’m the runner up

yeah this the takeoff, i feel like i leveled up

no i am not c-cky, do karate, call me johnny

ima chop you up like i chopped up this beat, yeah so say you’re sorry

if you don’t get it yet then you’re probably confused

if you mess with me then i can go and give the curse to you


hold up lemme talk a minute

lemme explain how i spit it

pick apart a complex sentence

now i’m making h-lla business

y’all talking bout the fame and riches

i’m ripping the game i’m viscous

i’m making the game suspicious

only focus on my vision

i don’t care about the money i just want some more attention

wait correction, the complexion is too much for the aggression

so forget the therapy session and forget a bad perception

and forget all of the moments all alone up in your mansion

haha i’m dissing, but who is the next victim

figure out yourself this will only take a minute

i got so many sneak disses, yall don’t even know

do yah wanna hear it skinards? ight bubba here we go

let’s all take moment to respect this fallen soldier kid

“wait a minute landon, he ain’t dead, where’s the freakin diss

hold on i’m just warming up, lemme start a fire

bye bye cowboy, brand new quarterback for hire

that’s all i gotta say to k!ll somebody that is mega g-y

i ain’t gon say a name, it’s irrelevant anyway

let’s get off that topic let’s go talk about my curse

yeah i can go to sleep and it’d write down a whole verse

yeah all of the aggression

gonna turn me to a legend

man forget about depression

the curse teaching me lessons

to go in the right direction

to get close to the perfection

i’ll do anything i can

to get a little resting

man i really won’t care if i never win a grammy

cuz a grammy won’t define anyone’s

i’d rather not have a trophy and be able to spit bars

then have one for nothing and become a big star

automatic automatic

shoot you cuz i’m running rapping

pencil tapping like in 5th grade with people that were shoe bragging

oh my god, look at landon he’s a little weirdo

thank you bro, cuz i don’t wanna be like y’all with nice clothes

yeah i got that walmart and i’m repping till i die

i don’t need that stuff when i’m to busy writing tongue ties

people tell me every day the he said this and he said that

but i don’t wanna hear that cuz they already got black eyes

i ain’t scared to beat up n-body up in my path

because i already know ima whip they little- tail

they the victims in a car crash

but ima keep on swinging until they got that whiplash

man the art i make is beautiful – call me davinci

man i’m winning checkmate – go ahead and king me

i’m a new level – mario and luigi

man you like what you hear? put this alb-m on repeat