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lirik lagu markell2timez & don reaper – heart to heart



youngin ina streets i been clutching with my tool
since i was 5 i ain’t played by the rules
play your cards right what i told to abdul
you dont care now cmon ok b~tch cool

[verse 1]

but maybe if we talk we can make it alright
i was out and you was scared i was thuggin all night
then you told me that you love me but this isnt your life
you hate that corner and them boys b~tch you down for the fight


but you wouldn’t fight for me
you wouldn’t die for me
let alone lie for me
but i bet that youd lie to me

[verse 2]
you only tried to lie? i had 1000 left
and you know a coward dies 1000 deaths
lookin at the painting askin whats next
told her i dont know im out the way im on a jet
real mental athletе noone else can pass mе
sellin, lying , and stealing well thats the past me
heart to heart dont let it go pass me
couldn’t read me you said you can’t even grasp me

[don reapers verse]

donny got a attitude, donny be a d~ckhed
donny goin nowhere, donny ain’t sh~t man
hold up, lil n~gga you do not know us
locked ina stu never sleep always turned up
kunta with the roots and you know ima turnip
donny heating up lil b~tch ima furnace
god on our side so you know you can’t hurt us
never been last i always been the firstest

“don i can’t even ask you for advice you goin thru the same thing”

“ ha ha not exactly the same thing but you know”

“no i dont f~cken know what are you talkin about”

“n~ggas gon lie, steal, cheat , and hate its gon happen it dont matter. look f~ck em”

[ending verse]

maybe i care to much about the hate
and maybe i care about what they say
drink a bottle of pain dripped in cartier
ion care bout a hoe tell her out my way

yeah i tried to talk, noone listened
noone really understood the vision
noone ever understand my image
till i went on and up n f~cken did it


f~ck you, ion care bout n0body i ain’t ever care bout no body so its f~ck you b~tch hope you and yo mami die

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