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lirik lagu kick back – cavalcare la tigre


heating this blackness to a boil
it ain’t easy
dirty hands, filthy habits
the job gets done
switched off, turned on
straight up, bend down

so slurp it all up
right from my palm
on all fours
begging for more
drooling like dogs
on all fours

blinding lights, fl!ckering trap
caught like insects
eyes accustomed to the darkness
these are my gifts

life in the red more than often
to h~ll and back
devouring hunger, a thirst never quenched
to h~ll and back

i feed the beast, i feed
i feed the beast, i feed
what i do to my f~cking self
i’m not of your kind
a piece of me dies, another strengthens
i bear my cross

i bear my cross, i bear
i bear my cross


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