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lirik lagu kathy barr & the desert song ensemble (1957) - romance


a playboy who is born each spring
to teach a nightingale to sing
a very pretty song!
“i love you”

a legend on an old brocade
a prince who tells a country maid
“i love you”

now where this whimsy comes from
i don’t know
for when it comes it’s just about to go

a flower that will bloom a while
with sunshine from a lover’s smile
that lover’s tears be dew!

yet when i seek this beauty
flower of youth’s first dawning
i find a prosy workaday world
stretching and yawning
love is locked up in cages
kept for a poet’s pages
life and adventurе
don’t seem to be
paying attention to me!

and so i drеam of fair romance
and let my fancies weave pretty stories
and though i know they are not so
i like to go
wand’ring amid their wistful glories

[margot & special girls]
my princes become what i would them
(her princes become what she would)
and they stay for the breath of a sigh
(and then for a breath of a sigh)
i open my arms to enfold them!
(she opens her arms to enfold)
and they’re gone
like a breeze rushing by!
(gone like a breeze rushing by!)

ah, this is a humdrum world
(oh, what a world!)
but when i dream i set it dancing
(but when she dreams she sets it dancing)
when life is gray
i have a way, to keep it g~y
throughout the time, i dream of love
(of love)

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