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lirik lagu mc virgins - hand's up!


get your ass to the dance floor
i said, get your ass to the dance floor, come on

[mc prophet] verse 1
had this sh~t stored in the vault (ey, what)
i had to open it up cause i got money to haul
my boys waiting out back gotta give em a call
cause i~ pulling up and we ain’t got a second to stall (do do do do do do do)
it’s like we robbing the rap game
the sh~tty ass rappers that got fame (yeah)
you undercover haters think you look like max payne
uh b~tch i’m like [?]
“d~mn he’s so lame” and you don’t wanna make this like a lobby, gta
sn~tch your b~tch make sure she cuffed
causе everytime i comе around i know she blush
ain’t never been behind no bars cause i got luck
been storing like a hundred racks don’t give no f~cks (look uh)
gotta slow it down (shhh)
don’t be loud give her everything she want (what, what, what?)
i could rent her the town
world’s worst boyband mane i’m so proud (eyyy)
making hit after hit and i won’t be found

[mc gibby] verse 2
oh they thought that we wasn’t gon’ stick it up
two [?] b~tch i’m finna fl!ck it up
put the money in the bag now give it up
best rapper in my city, i don’t give no f~cks
if we made it to the top, how come we fell now?
everybody confused and they can’t tell how
when they bumpin’ our music
yeah get real loud haters mad, man bet that it hurt right now
[mc kudge] verse 3
everything in the back that i ask for
gimme two deals and a number one track or
new home, one benz all black
if not ima quit and i’ll never go back
i’m the best in the industry they should be giving me all my wants and needs
fore’ i commit a felony, not literally, no it’s all a game
but i’m saying fore’ fame i’ll go down in infamy

[mc wasian] verse 4
when i walk in the bank, it’s like disco
seeing now you rappers are fake, i’m like schizo
telling me to make a deposit, i said b~tch no
and i’m rocking an all black fit, come on let’s go
i’m a top floor boss, big boy, big body, benz, running, riding round with a couple bands
tell a couple of girls to bring a couple friends
sh~t is way too hard, yeah that’s what she said

[mc prophet] outro
right now, uh
right now, uh
right now
i need, i need, i need you right now, uh
right now, uh
right now, uh
right now, uh
right now
i need, i need, i need, i need (yeah, everybody)

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