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lirik lagu c dotty - slam dunk



you already know it’s a banger when it hit that woah (woah)
b~tch we up we counting up money while we uppin the score (score)
yall n~ggas is b~tches yall hoes is motherf~kin wh0res (yeah woah b~tch)
huh huh huh (skrt skrt)

yeah yeah, we empty that 30. clip (empty that clip) n~ggas mad i’m they b~tch n~ggas is p~ssy won’t take a risk p~ssy boy yeah we uppin the score n~ggas mad i’m f~ckin they wh0re catch him mask up b~tch we up it and roar yall p~ssy ass n~ggas gon loose one more. (yeah)

and n~ggas are b~tches and you n~ggas won’t check it up play around you already know with gang you know that i’m keepin it tucked( you already know) , n~ggas is b~tches yall ran outta luck and you ran on your mans? like what f~ck (what the f~ck) n~ggas is p~ssy why thе f~ck did you duck. (2x)

yeah yeah
i might’ve got jumpеd but i squashed that beef you already know that your b~tch for the streets, you already know p~ssy n~gga i got that heat yall n~ggas is mad yall ain’t in the field then where is your cleats?

yall n~ggas are b~tches yall not even like that, on that like that record i sniped that i made a song right back (right back p~ssy) i made a song yall n~ggas ain’t like that

yall n~ggas claimed yall kicked me out, p~ssy boy when you speakin on me you better watch ya mouth. (watch yo mouth n~gga) aye b~tch you lookin for drought? drip i ain’t gon drown bad b~tch she thuggin rounds. 45 we deep yo b~tch stay for the streets, you n~ggas mad i’m with the gang now we empty all the f~ckin heat

already know where i’m from half of you n~ggas is bums (you n~ggas is bums) p~ssy ass n~ggas, yall n~ggas is b~tches yall n~ggas would run. if yall was in my shoes too you would’ve got put on the news, if that was me? oh sh~t that was me n~ggas is mad that they b~tch for the streets n~ggas is mad that they b~tch (for the motherf~ckin streets)
aye aye
crashout season, n~ggas is p~ssy yall n~ggas won’t get back yall n~ggas keepin it lethal. yall n~ggas is b~tches you already know ima see your body thru see thru yall n~ggas is b~tches get hit with a jam already know get back for your mans

aye, get back your motherf~cking mans (woah, woah, yeah)
n~ggas is b~tch won’t get back for they mans aye (you know its a banger when i hit that woah) goofy ass n~gga got hit with a motherf~ckin jam

skrtt skrtt skrtt (yeah woah n~gga!)

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