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lirik lagu jubyphonic – peace sign


its behind me now yet don’t know how
still running over in my head every time, i found
flying above, a plane headed far away
i wonder why i see it today
thinking about the time all i did was cry
wishing and wanting to be strong, but i came to find
that what i needed to start was a stronger heart
a courage always shining afar

it’s my life, it’s not right, but cruelly fated to be
someday it’ll bring me down
but that isn’t now, at least not while i’m free
gimme just one, one and i’m done, every breath may be my last
but i couldn’t care less, when my chest
is alive and beating fast

so loud and far away, so far away i hear you
singing for me, carry on and you’ll get through
burns me up so high like you just wouldn’t believe
although your eyes are red, you’ll never cry again, no
i’ll be the smile that you need and i won’t go
theme to be a hero, just remember to sing

say goodbye and i’ll leave with a peace sign
and again the story goes on