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lirik lagu spacehog – love is a curious thing


shark ’em eyes what let ’em grow
this crippled smile gives way
fight for nothing, dream in hand
fill the heart that burnt the man

walk it backwards give up rights
looks flashes thoughts wild
i fashion white that pushes front
the b-ss pulls through the aisle

love is a curious thing
but i fall fall fall for the curious thing
love, it’s a curious thing
it’s a curious thing [x2]

da doo da doo da doo da doo doo da

well magma draws snap flows the swear
lines the dank floors ground
like voices from the sun
or the bird that formed in fist

i kiss a cheek some little kiss
like asphalt hits the skin
while under bruises pulls the blood
i’m in, i win, i win


scream loud the room
every man against the gl-ss
i want easy crimes
your heart was never in it
slave the cow and beat the finest drum