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lirik lagu guru vn – no tittle


[intro :]
yoh a1 i ain’t even know how to start this shit man
but whatever…..lets go….

[verse 1 : guru ]
they say am the great unanimously
rated underdog
thats how my name is spelt in the fucking blog
am trying to fuck the game up you all blocking my fucking c-ck
can’t be selling dreams dawg always been out of stock
shit got boring when niggas got pretentious
am on it till you have to know my godd-mn credentials
got potential to be monumental so am essential
straight from the t.a.j they pop a lot of cannabis
for the broke ones i’ll be your motherfucking therapist
wait till i blow like a suicidal terrorist
everybody b-tching now game full of feminists
i swear on my lil bro’s soul that am ending this
i hit the ground running
ain’t planning on returning
still brought the heat nigga had to keep the fire burning
can’t judge me now cause you heard the caught adjourning
can’t love me now? cause you steady worried about my budget?
competition nah! ain’t here for none of that
in this game you can never win
cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again
nothing been the same when i started loving the pen
i keep these thoughts on revolve
mama said told me alcohol dont make the problems resolve
but i said we still find a solution after the sorrows dissolve
they say we never make it but watch a legend evolve
with these thoughts on revolve
i shoot at these niggas
am mario to the rescue for this music
she my baby i ain’t even got to prove it……..
if you ain’t like this , just know that i was a fan first
all these flows i suck out my p-ssion , is just to quinch the thirst

[verse 2 : guru]

the broke boy
that made plans like an architect
time to build me an empire
with my teddy…. bare hands
world give me love!! i swear that ama love you back
unzip the bag and realize its crowds that we pack
all a dream now a plan and a mission
with all my schemes visionaries getting jealous of my visions
trying to get me a maid mama needs break from her kitchen
am a ruler with every inch measuring to a king’s precision
i never played a looser’s position
just itching to break any contradiction of these phony niggas
started exercising these rhymes became a lyrical physician
put some bucks in the safe, g-code the combination
now time to cut through your heart like incision
with these pepper hot rhymes bet your ears itching
to hear what i script with my wrist twitching
man i been waiting
with this lettuce and bacon
so if they ain’t talking bread what the fuck is they saying?
ahhhh!! ey
they copy they spit it sloppy
they corny but fucking c-cky
if you corny then you ignore me
music is soul food
i designed a new recipe
fuck all that shit you telling me
am mad at other letters only shout out to my g’s!
long time no show face, long time no freestyle
long time no coming at you haters with a big smile
big time they hating , but pity i ain’t bugging
cause every night i sit back and watch my money coming
steady spitting like its a slip of the tongue
it just spills out
yelling mama its time the boy pay his own bills now
if sk!ll could talk id be one fucking loud mouth
dont fuck up my vibe it never said it was horny
if you fuck with me death to piece and harmony
among these g’s i swear that id harm-any
am on my hommie’s side ready to go hommicide on any hommie’s side but naaah niggas we ain’t hommies ayt?………………….
before i blossom, toss em to the poseur
chop em double cross em
cause am truly awesome, corpse em
hol’up am the hottest after summer call me autumn
[fading:]jeahh ahhhhh – jeahh
before i blossom toss em to the poseur
chop em double cross em
cause em to be cautious
cause am truly awesome
corpse em, hold up am the hottest after summer call me autumn

[outro :guru]

holy shiiit!! motherfucker !!what you on!!

this one for my hometown though!! uh
jeahh g-u to the r-u

jeah-jeah– uh-uh-jeah-jeah
jeah-jeah– uh-uh-jeah-jeah
jeah-jeah– uh-uh-jeah-jeah
jeah- for real though !! jeah

i got a hustler spirit nigga period
rap my city my nigga nigga thats how am feeling here
so we like ahh-eyyy am from t.a.j
where we from we never give a shit what haters say
i got a hustler spirit nigga period
rap my city my nigga nigga thats how am feeling here
so we like ahh-eyyy am from t.a.j
where we from we never give a shit what haters say

touch down in taj town am here now!!
cut out these fuck clowns we be about
we beat em down, kick em out ,we script em out
sit and lounge, we ain’t worry bout haters we know that they’ll come around
like you can spit dawg? never knew you could spit dawg
you sick dawg like did i tell you , you the shit dawg?
you spit raw and i just love all your shit ahhhh
like really bruh you should come jump on my shit bruh!!