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lirik lagu jbreezo – congested freestyle


fuurggo on go
i’m sicker than a b~tch, d~mn
f~ck that i’m still finna [?]
six, six, si~~
turn me up (bow bow)

[verse 1]
the~these n~ggas copy my style i don’t like that (no cap)
bro got the tool on him why would i fight back (bow bow)
i feel like a barber i’m pushing his sh~t back (vhh, vhh)
throw that sh~t bac imma give it a smack (yeah, yeah)
what size hat you wear cause that sh~t cap (cap)
when we whip out the glock, watch the boy run a lap (thrrrow)
and i’m looking for you, ain’t no dora, where’s the map? (where’s the map?)
i’m sick as f~ck, pour me a 4 in my cup (fffhhh)
double up hi~tech, i’m booted up (yeah, yah)
stick him up, goofy might as well give it up (yeah)
finna swerve up, so i know he not talking tough (talking tough)
slide to the rich white folk neighborhood (skrrrr)
sh~t not sweet, no we not good (yеah)
man handle me, boy i wish you would (no cap)
leavе while it’s dark out, so i could (bow, bow, thrrrhow, bow bow)
f~ck his hoe yeah i’m giving her wood (ou, ou, ou)
pass out while i’m smoking on this wood (fffhhh)
congested as f~ck, that’s why i sound like this ( yeah, yeah)
this not a movie, i’m chilling with white chicks (yeah)
sh~t not sweet, no i’m not a jit (no cap)
clip clip on the glock, yeah that’s a bih (bow)
f~ck the amendments, run up and get hit (thrrrow)
imma show his ass that he a lil b~tch (yeah, bow bow)
stick talk, when i’m in the party with the glock out (thrrrow, bow)
heard his ass scared, yeah this n~gga finna walk out (just finna walk out)
crime scene, finna bring the tape and the chalk out, cause a f~ck n~gga just got dropped (yeah, thrrrow thrrrow, bow)
witness on news said they heard a lil pause (bow bow, bow bow) (we just heard a lot of shots and it was nonstop)
ar~15, yeah i’ll be there soon (thrrrow thrrrow)
catch him on this side gunning him down (yeah no cap)
he better pray that 12 around , cause imma feed his these whole hunnid rounds (yeah, wooo, wooo)
stop tryna be like me boy you a clown (yeah, goofyyy)
take his sh~t, watch his face turn frown (yeah)
they hate when you up, but love when you down (on god, no cap, no cap)