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lirik lagu ​ – ​fuck this game (7-17-17)


[verse 1]
where are you now?
probably watching reruns
of your favorite show
that i never liked on my couch
how long?
until i can call you
to hear your voice and not focus
on what i did wrong
but i got your voicemail again
call rejected

you flipped like a switch
from anti to social
so if that’s part of life
now i’m ready for it
and i still love your eyes
they used to be mine
oh, baby, you put the good in goodbye
i haven’t seen your face in days
f~ck this game
oh, oh

[verse 2]
are you alone?
or out with the people
that took you away
and changed you into
someone i don’t love
i think you feel the same
but i miss the way you say my name
’cause these words become true
and truth into pain

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