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lirik lagu d’ sinatra – take off


d streak with a heat (d’sinatra)

[d streak tag]
it’s a nightmare, hahahaha…!!

i bought the bar she wanna dance
i got rackies in my pants
i got drummas in my band

baby girl i’m from the streets
we keep everything discreet
so don’t worry bout your man

we about to takeoff
we ain’t taking days off
this about to pay off x2

sum like a migo
started from a kilo
shorty got an ego
but she f~ck wit me tho

you kno my st~~z guru u kno my steelo
i wish i was a little bit taller like skee lo
i’m still ballin like i’m stuck wit a spalding
my poker face so good imma go all in
my lady go gaga when i go all in
can’t climb in my car u gotta fall in
(why you stalling?)

i’m about to go diamond off my cellie
shorty wanna work?
drop her at a tellie
i remember when i had to sleep nights empty belly
know i’m getting bread plus the peanut b~tter with thе jelly

no flight planned we bout takеoff
my young boy wanna get weight off
i be getting all this love ot i shook the hate off
mama always told me hard work it gotta pay off

private jets fresh out the projects
u might think it’s non sense
no more 9 to 5 my gang all bosses
look at my deposits
i used to be taking mad loses

now i drip heavy broke faucets
strip club c notes we all toss it
we the topic
we don’t do gossip
they used to say it ain’t tricking it you got it
but i say i’m a buy it if i want it

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