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lirik lagu angry blackmen – outsiders


[verse 1: quentin]
feeling like a outsider “stay gold pony boy“
complex mind and they still don’t know me boy

n~ggas so phony boy
pay me whatchu owe me boy
bars so addictive overdose like an opioid

i see humanoid shadows when i sleep
androids still dreaming of the sheep
spitting heat, when i rap like slam poetry
known vocally to make dope sh~t like coca leaves

strong like hercules fighting with the hydra
chopping heads off real quick to unalive ya

something like a hybrid, whole another species
sh~tting on these internet rappers with my feces

someone gotta teach these kids about abm
legend in my own head, birthed from my cranium

remember when we played our first show, subterranean?
five years later go strong like vibranium

[verse 2: skech185]
two directions i won’t go is back and forth with you
the forfeiture of sanity is expected
waterboard sleep sound aesthetic
lone wolf whistling at the moon
weaving through wayfair child traffic

for cabinets for my death masks
that fits in the mouth of madness

dancing with recovering addicts to “roc boys”
cult status advances

representing the magic of the first fist fight
after the metal arm connects to the flesh

i’m the centipede smoke of wonderland
cosplaying as human
treating oxygen like clay
you confuse this as rap
i’m amused at your lung capacity

in an era of peter pans
autobot singing violence to voyeurs

i rest under a canopy of broken dreams
gaining flowers when i focus on being broke

watching sub genres of black trauma boxing each other over lord of the pit
as salt pulls strings like a woman still learning herself

my heart sings in the language of the unheard

if there is smoke in the city
then you know you had a chance

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