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lirik lagu frank0 – in my head


i’m back again and i know you probably want me to go
but don’t worry i won’t be long i’ve just had to say some for so long
you got me tied up like a puppet, every move made by your hands and, now i understand why others before me were never seen again
again, again, again, i don’t know why i keep on buggin with you
you got me f~cked up, f~cked up, i can’t even see it through and i
i ask my self why, why, why, can’t i do the things i say that i want, want, want, uh why, why
who told you you could be such a b~tch
you got me now tryna find out which of the things that i did to make you upset, i’d rather be in bed tryna get some rest but i can’t
i try and close my eyеs all i see is red, you got me messеd up in my head
now i talk to myself day and night, it’s giving me a fright and i’ll probably end up dead
you make me feel some way
you, why, why, why, why, why, why
why, why, i ask myself why, why, why, why, why, why

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