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lirik lagu marty – questions


[lyrics incomplete]
(what you’re about to experience, it’s one of a kind!)
yeah, i be to rap what key be to lock
camouflage hat with his shorts up high
should’ve buckled up, it’s gonna be a suge knight
tokyo drift ‘cause you know we gotta slide
it don’t really make sense
hopping off the day shift
how you got a job with a song on my playlist
say less
i just gotta ask you one question
is god still god without the blessing?
did you really think about the words that you’re saying?
do you really mean what you’re praying?
“daddy god” got everybody feeling weird
looking at my girl she don’t wanna be here
and this my first time
why i gotta givе first just to hear god?
this ain’t a magic genie and you ain’t jafar
i don’t need a blеssing to know that you god
for real

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