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lirik lagu ​psythoness – ​firstfullsong 1


[verse 1: cryw1tch]
i was on a k!llstreak i just got the payload
shawty wanna lay low call me like it’s dayglow
i just want the tek ima put it in the faygo
i got a couple pills now she wanna ride me like a rodeo
you can stay close if you want to
if you don’t want to then that’s okay too
why you acting fake? this my k2 (this that gas)
and when i get the money you can have that (it’s all for you)
everything that i said was true
kickbacks chilling and you were in the room
regretting facetimes when i was off the shrooms

[verse 2: psythoness]
took another tab and i’m up feeling reckless
i am so broke can you catch me a setlist
saw you with her can i sleep on your mattress
i’m not of time i just live in thе present
can you explain just how wе can be brethren
we light the stove and get straight to the breading
i’m up at four [?] i can’t sleep i’m resting
maps of the world choose a spot and i’m lifting
call me at six when i’m dead in the beginning
she want the flow but i just give her a blessing

[verse 3: cyb3rl0rd]
yea i just give her a blessing
yea who the f~ck you think you testing
yea i will shoot at your intestines
yea ay i don’t answer questions
uh ay i toat the smith & wesson
ay i’m a ghost and got some blessings
i’m a ghost and got some blessings
yea i really hope you got this message

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