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lirik lagu facewreck – powerless


you’re powerless

i can count da times i’ve seen you lippin’ off
but i can’t remember any…
not a single time i’ve seen you back your sh~t
not a single time i’ve seen you step to

the f~ckin’ plate
whatcha gonna do?
when da time to fight
comes down on you?

i know you want no part of me ~ rollin’ up with no crew
face to face ~ with no reinforcement

when the time to stand comes runnin up
i’ve watched you bend just like a b~tch
to date you’ve yet to stand behind your words
now i’m f~ckin’ done

you think you have the right to put mе down?
run your mouth ~ hide your face
i see you’re powеrless in front of me
here comes the pain

here comes the f~ckin’ …. pain

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