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lirik lagu dog & panther – tom harding


down river
smoke rises
a faint water stirring
is a clear warning

tom harding
lay in bed
warm not from a lover
parted down the middle
and a pillow lay cold
silver top
hardened hull
both tom and ship
unaware of the other

the call came in
clock struck 12
tom fought back tears
the lives that would be lost

those on the bridge
blind by night
lovers lost in arms
autos pointing home

tom’s head
ship’s engines
pounding and racing
towards one destination

startled by the wind
tom bolted upright
his legs pinned
and his truck on its side

miles away
sounds collide
metals screams
stonеs turned to dust
all trust lost between man and machine
thе eyes watched from darkened corners
as vines overgrow us

mind control, controller