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lirik lagu anthropovore – better off alive


stranded in havoc, crippling fear in veins
dwelling in this life causes nothing but pain
trying so hard to settle things in vain
desolation pushing depression lying dormant

this smiling face of yours is now gone

always unable to put up a fight
crawling through desert with no hope in sight
wicked fate unfurls like clouds in the sky
the rain uncovers all this sorrow you denied
your world slowly burns away
everything becomes devoid of taste
alone again, deeper into the void
on the ground, all you can do is long for

there’s a demon on you back
whispering sh~t in your brain

do you think you’re better off alive ?

dеspair brings despair and nothing but despair
depriving you of any mеan to care
diving so further into drugs and hate
laying unable to bear all its weight

living the sh~t out of this life you despise
keep thinking of some other way to die
they all think you can get you out from this pain
but they will never understand

they’ll never understand
they’ll never understand