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lirik lagu mbk trelly – late night


(lorenz, don’t stop)

[verse 1: mbk trelly]
i said late night, but my phone ringin’ ’cause i’m still workin’
police been offered dog a job and he still workin’
yeah, b~tch love my song, it went off, but she still twerkin’
had to leave some people in the past, but they still lurkin’
cheated on my first girlfriend and she still hurtin’
b~tch said my n~gga can’t hop on, but they still flirtin’
f~ck her for so long, i left the p~ssy, it was still squirtin’
i know this sh~t toxic, but i swear that it feel perfect
i said who the f~ck is dog and why the f~ck he throwin’ fours?
f~ck, i’m too drunk, i spilled patrón on my clothes
i need a section in your club or i’m throwin’ elbows
i need a rollie on my wrist and i need it real froze
meek mill motivate me, i’m a dream chaser
i think my legs paralyzed because i can’t chase her
tryna find my b~tch, bring a glock, don’t bring no taser
n~gga tried to run in the dark, so i brought a laser
i ain’t gon’ lie, i look up to n~ggas that be on street sh~t
i ain’t gon’ lie, i’m really finna get up on some beef sh~t
i ain’t gon’ lie, i separated from n~ggas, they on leech sh~t
i ain’t gon’ lie, i’m selfish in my ways, on some me sh~t
mbk the new bmf, on some big meech sh~t
yeah, i fell asleep up on your bars, you ain’t teach sh~t
man, had to cut a hood b~tch off, she like to key sh~t
yeah, i’m buyin’ everything, but you n~ggas like to lease sh~t
yeah, i said if you ain’t f~ckin’ gang, i don’t trust you
i don’t need no needle or no ink just to touch—
b~tch, i don’t need no paper in my pocket just to f~ck you
b~tch, i don’t need no paper in my pocket just to—
i don’t need no paper for the p~ssy, must be out your mind
gave a n~gga a big~ass bag, but he ain’t go and grind
i don’t need no f~ckin’ chain on me just to f~ckin’ shine
i’ma be loyal, you just gotta show that you mine
[verse 2: babyfxce e]
show me that you mine, you gotta show your worth
then i’ma go and get this bag, you ain’t gotta work
i get straight to it with these hoes, don’t even gotta flirt
i don’t catch feelings, i just f~ck ’em so i ain’t gotta hurt
seen an opp and gave his ass a thirty, he took a lot of percs
my money just keep getting taller, it had a lot of spurts
it’s time for me to cop some more hoodies, i got a lot of shirts
in one call, i can get some p~ssy, i ain’t gotta jerk
but you n~ggas do the opposite
instead of gettin’ p~ssy, you be f~ckin’ on your dominant
why the f~ck you bring ’em to the shop if they ain’t coppin’ sh~t?
this glock’ll poke a hole in your face, dermatologist
not scared to take a life, i already know what’s the consequence
can shoot you from a building with the glock, i got confidence
pop a n~gga, then write a book about it, i’m a novelist
b~tch got mad and called me nonchalant, that’s a compliment
blow a n~gga in the wide open, i’m obvious
this charger got a kitty on it, n~gga, you ain’t stoppin’ sh~t
i already stuck my c~ck in her p~ssy, you ain’t blockin’ sh~t
i don’t even smoke, but i’ll come hotbox the whip