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lirik lagu cut off kites – coward’s crown


[verse 1]
you’re the trembling shadow walking next to me
home is too far away for our eyes to see
but we casually stroll along, we stroll along
because this time we did nothing wrong, nothing is wrong

why’s your face all bl–dy? where did that come from?
your clothes are ripped and muddy, what has this night become? oooh
this street is long and vacant but i swear we’ll make it home
brother you’re weighing heavy but i’ve got you

[verse 2]
you are f-cked up, sitting on the sidewalk, we still have a million miles to go
distant sounds of sirens lead the way we’re lingering slow
all the bruises on your pale skin: whitness to the shame i bear
i’ll take every other blow, next time i will be right there