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lirik lagu bigg mark – intro


[verse 1: bigg mark]
welcome to dream land, hope you’ll have a fun time
sitting, sipping, smoking, and listening to my dope rhymes
yeah, this is the intro to the mix-tape
i think this one can decide my whole fate
i don’t hate, but i get haters
to me, it’s all good, i can handle them later
dream land will be a hit, i can feel it inside
jam this tape while you down for a ride. we can chillax on the beach and just relax, sip some wine
doesn’t really matter, i’m just trying to waste some time
do what you can, just keeping doing you, that’s the end of that, but the possible start of you
so, i’ll just keep on spitting, cause rap is magical, and you can call me the magician
but there is no time to waste
i want to welcome you to dream land: the mix-tape