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lirik lagu bad45 – where have you been


sitting in the room all by myself
the other kids outside playing at the carousel
only been invited ‘cause his mama made him
i just wanted to blend in… blend in
but all my clothes have no brand names
so they exclude me from all the fun games
friendship is a loanword, it’s pending
i don’t mean no harm, i just wanna blend in
so i make fun at the cost of other kids
i’m just sick of being part of the misfits
you could call me a product of my surroundings
same neighborhoods i’m haunting now, man
should know how they feel and show some sympathy
though it’s strange ‘cause i don’t seem to feel a thing
wait a minute; i think i’m finally me
like “welcome, b! where have you been?”

1st verse:
all this time i hid behind a f-cking mask
mama said i know it’s hard, son but try your best
so i went out and kissed some m-th-f-cking -ss
oh boy, this’s an arduous task; i don’t think i’ll p-ss
not because i’m too stupid or lazy
to me this sh-t is crazy
why should i look up to someone i see beneath me
see i ain’t got a problem with authority
but m-th-f-ckaz please don’t bother me
i just wanna be left alone
chilling up in my zone
there’s no place for y’all to roam
another tale of woe ‘bout a poor little boy, no
this is my life so ain’t no other way this could go
i got nine sisters and bro’s
and i hate every single one of them, “whoa
you serious?” h-ll yeah, b-tch!
f-cking pr-cks
you’ll be burning for what you did
when i see ya, you’ll be f-cking sh-tting bricks

f-ck ‘em all, mayne
f-ck ‘em all
f-ck ‘em all, mayne
f-ck ‘em all

2nd verse:
this is payday
let me hear you say (“mayday, mayday!”)
‘fore you start your car better check the brake
hose, hoes!
y’all can end up at the next best tree
fine by me as long as you suffer, p-ssies
i’ll be playing this song at your funeral
take a sh-t on your gravesite; to me it’s quite natural
i hate your guts, still you trying to contact me, yo
trust me; soon the feeling of hatred will be mutual
felt like i was in a f-cking loop, yo, back and forth
till i found my f-cking loophole, change of course
now i’m straight forward
f-ggots, y’all can not ward
off evil coming at ‘cha
brains splattered all over the place
blood sprinkled all over my face
isn’t it amazing how patience
pays off
never thought i would be aroused this much
by your m-th-f-cking head blown off

hook (x8)