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lirik lagu ayesha erotica – rock star (acapella)


cross on my neck and a bible in my fendi
ice cream p~ssy, stripper shoes in a bentley
two small titties and a baseball bat
yeah, i’m tryna find out where the b~tch stays at
tryna smoke me out, b~tch, think again
i don’t really like smoking on seeds and stems
they send the money then i send the stems
i ain’t sending you sh~t, b~tch, no offense
but i heard your song and i should’ve mixed that
every rhyme, every line you spit, it’s been sn~tched
every time that you tried to drop it’s been wack
every time that i drop they like “she did that”
suck d~ck then do it again, just might come through with a friend
he keep begging me to eat me out, i said
“you gotta take my tampon out with your mouth”

i want a bump right now
i’m ayesha, and b~tch, i get down
i’m so fly and coked the f~ck up
i’m so nasty, getting poked up
i’m that freaky dirty loca
lips all pokin’ through the low~cut
fly through, zoomin’ in the low~cuts
keep my fendi wallet robust~bust
p~ssy puffed up like a bee sting
yes, i go to church in my g~string
father, can you bless this crackpipe?
never really learned how to act right
and you can hold the beef
’cause b~tch, i’m too busy tryna roll the kief
and b~tch, you’re too busy tryna roll with me
just sit back, relax, go stroll the beach, uh

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