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lirik lagu tek lintowe – watching me frstyle


i never got introduced to the industry

don’t hear myself, 1~2, 1~2
that’s cool
alright, you knew, you knew
you knew from the start, apparently
you knew, that’s cool, apparently
you [?], watching me
keep enough for a screen, inspiring
i need that
give me one, give me two, give me three [?]
all she said, she said, she said
break open the blister pack
i need another one
she said, she said, she said
open your heart, i think you need another one
oh, i think you need anothеr one, oh
born to be~
born to be chasing, what arе we doing?
running around in circles
i’m fluent
i’m fluent in this, so it’s ok
i’ve been doing this a lot, so it’s ok
i’m ok, i swear i’m taken care of
i never had stakes and i don’t wanna change that
i wanna move back home, go~go where i was grown
go~go, never made progress
go~go, [?] obsessed
[?] syndrome in my jeans
oh~oh, it seems, it seems like
it’s over

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