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lirik lagu lolodanger – 11 pm (freestyle)


baby, hop up in this coupe if you trynna catch a vibe
every opp stay dead all my n~~~~~ been slime
b~tch i’ll treat you like my heat imma grip on you so tight
imma go on cross the map, is you trynna catch a flight
b~tch it’s lolo, i done grown up since a lil jit
i been makin my money
i been steady get lit
if ain’t about no pape, then it prolly ain’t sh~t
bullets really got no name, every opp can get hit
yo b~tch at my show she trynna have me sign her tit
i ain’t neva gon stop till a n~~~~ good and rich
i’m talkin a couple b’s
i ain’t want no lil milli
imma lay a n~~~~ down if he lookin at me silly
throw on my crocs, then i go and hit a play
i been movin them boats, every single kind of way
i been stackin up that pape, makin money everyday
now lemme stop and go and let hook play
whеn we share this all night)
(i be feelin so alivе)
pop a n~~~~ in his face with the gang
have my brothers by my side when it’s time to go
sometimes you gotta
keep your mouth
closed, you can not be a snitch
i just wanna know, is my b~tch gon stay with me or she jus gon dip
i’m only 15, so don’t think i ain’t no k!lla g
the only n~~~~~ that step wimme is my n~~~~ lolo and my n~~~~ sean
all that typing on the keyboard ain’t getting no where
since a lil n~~~~,knew it
was meant to be
i can’t rock wit no bl!ck unless it got a switch
if you understand the pain, you know how i feel
daddy left me and every since then i just been up in the field
when i get angry i be flipping off like a light switch
it’s time to drill
love my n~~~~~ to
death, so i could never switch
grippin on her b~tt, while she shaking ass
i said baby do it fast, and after that
i took her the bed and then i smashed
i like that thug sh~t so im finna go and hit the dash
if you know me i’m a k!ller
so n~~~~ don’t test me
got my n~~~~~ in a circle sum like a mosh pit
finna slide thru, n~~~~ and we drop sh~t
i’m a thug baby, n~~~~ don’t try to test my limits
so try to play, im gonna knock him off his pivot
why the f~ck they n~~~~~ trynna play like im a b~tch
call my n~~~~~ up, we slide real quick

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