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lirik lagu aye jay – dropping opps


i pull up i’m bringing them mac’s out with them big ass guns we gonna spaz out f~ck lil spazz on his ass now i pull up to the bank and i cash out my girl got a f~cking fat ass now skrrt skrrt skrrrt i’m skrrting off fast now teveon said i was trash at rapping it’s time to come back now aveon got hit with the tac and they call him shaq now i put racks on his f~cking hat then they call him class clown put that n~gga six feet under he lay down in the ground hit that n~gga with the fn he mad he got ripped down you better go smoke some newport’s n~gga i ain’t playing around you mad cuz your mom smoke newport’s n~gga she pass it around when i shoot my draco that silencer it go boom pow i’m skrrting in my lamborghini i’m a demon i’m a whole different species got a death wish i’m a d~mn genie knock your head off i’ll make you real sleepy you a lil trash ass who i’m talking about fiji ima beat your ass cuz that sh~t real easy